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Best Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Startup’s Newly Launched Site

Updated: Jan 12

Internet is a world of options. Options to everything available online which can be looked up anytime through their devices. These number of options equals to number of people which equals to number of eyes. Everything that an individual sees is consumed and shared among their peers. People talk about what they know from their experiences with others. Now everything that the audience watches is exactly where you need to place the idea of your newly launched site. It is not about investing money but a strategy which connects you and your site with your consumer. It does not occur overnight. It happens how you propose a solution to a problem faced by the audience through your products and services.

1. Be visible through responses

This step is not just useful for E-commerce websites but almost all kinds of sites. People usually check for something online which is quick and easy for them to understand and own. When it comes to websites, there are certain type of audiences which prefer to visit to get more information, to know more about something they require. You must be present in their mind when they think of searching for something through the responses you put up online. Your online activities on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, Reddit etc is very important where the crowd is more enthusiastic and curious. Users on those sites have a certain understanding on what is important and what is trivial. Smallest places like the comment section can be a very useful place to be visible. The content has to be genuine and not seen as spam which is lower the credibility of your newly launched site. It is important to be taken seriously into the minds of the audience. Your idea of content must be to share and appreciate the place where you are coming forward with a simple comment. Your opinions matter only if you come with some useful information to pass.

2. Interface of Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter and Reddit

Internet is a place where anybody can connect with anyone. Now the question is how to narrow down the circle of network. People gather at networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and more. These sites have a particular conduct with the designed interface. Over the time from its beginning people have created communities with mutual interests on these sites. Now when a person is looking out for a job, they wouldn’t prefer to check on Facebook but visit LinkedIn. When a person is keen about knowing more than the content of search engines, they would prefer Q/A function of Quora. Twitter introduced a new medium of micro-blogging where few words conveyed sufficient and important information, it was short, quick and easy to use. While Reddit is a social news platform which actually allows the users to discuss and vote on a subject. All these sites have designed several ways to allow and reach users to share. Utilising the tiniest or major features of such sites and connect them to our site is a very efficient way to improve the traffic. The best part about these sites is that no limitation of a particular audience to reach you. People from all ages, regions, communities etc can be aware of your site. Only thing that matter is how you utilise the power to share given to you.

3. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps to increase the visibility of a website or a web page to the user of a search engine. For example, a person wants to know the bakery shop where he/she can find cupcakes and macrons at same place. Now they wouldn’t be aware of your website made to reach out to them. They prefer a search engine like Google which gives them the options with numerous results. SEO puts your website in those results with relevant searches conduct by the user. The first page of Google is where most people prefer to look and connect to open the website. This method optimizes your online content and your searchers take you more seriously. The highest position on their search is preferable to them than to explore more than necessary. It functions based on a targeted keyword which is inter-weaved throughout your content. Now if the keyword is Bakery Shop or Cupcake or Macrons, your site will be on the first page of the search engine. It only markets your site but your products and services are considered more genuine to the searchers looking out for.

4. SEM

Search Engine Marketing is another strategy which is conducted through paid advertising campaigns, it is also better known as Par Per Click (PPC). SEO deals with unpaid or organic search results while SEM is about putting the paid priority searches. The benefit of SEM is that it works almost instantaneously but it does require budget. Cost Per Click (CPC) can vary from country and the keyword but even with a small budget, one can still afford to have a campaign. It observed to prefer both methods, SEO and SEM to get better traffic on newly launched site. There might be certain audiences that may not like what they see from ads and prefer not to vouch for it. Reason is ads have a certain impression, an image on the user. It can be useful if it is taken as more commercialized strategy for certain audience. While for the rest SEO works well. You can bring both types of audiences to maximize the traffic.

5. Email Marketing

Although it is often assumed by people do not prefer to open the promotional emails they receive. Email Marketing is a useful tool to reach audience with keen interest into websites they prefer more over other pages which connects to them. But the important part about of email is not only to share a written email with a catchy headline or title to engage the user. Creative methods like emailers are also useful to appeal the readers. The content must be genuine and person orientated. It has to be imaginative enough on the first impression for an individual top open the mail and check again. Such as emailers from Zomato, Paytm, Bookmyshow and many other brands. You can clearly differentiate them with other mails. An emailer can be the first impression of your website which boosts the traffic.

Above all, a newly launched website needs to stand with its own unique selling point. Considering all the fundamentals of digital marketing, originality of a product and the services always tops the game. It also becomes a useful characteristic to put forth for an engaging first impression.

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